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IFMC – Technical Analysis course Certification online has given opportunity to students outside Delhi to learn Technical Analysis in a Simple way. Learning charts and tools for perfect stock trading now made easy. IFMC also provide certifications for the online course of  Technical analysis.

Technical Analysis Course Online 

IFMC's Technical Analysis course Certification online is an easy way to understand the complex tools of stock trading. Learning in the Stock market is easy now. Learn technical analysis online, Secrets for stock trading, options trading, swing trading, and day trading with award-winning stock market institute.

Your Tool Kit to Become Successful Technical Analyst

Do you want to become a successful technical analyst? Start by re-thinking what an analyst can and should do. With IFMC Institute flagship Technical Analysis course online, learners from around the world discover strategies to master stock market trading. Certificate program features our innovation for trading model.

If you’re ready to tackle stock trading greatest challenges- join best online technical analysis course – built to help you think proactively and strategically before making share market investment decisions. To lead with confidence in today’s competitive capital market environment with the most powerful technical analysis tool.

⦿ No1 Online Technical Analysis Course
⦿ Strong track record in online learning
⦿ Cutting-edge faculty-led insights from market around the globe
⦿ Endorsed by India’s leading stock market analyst
⦿ 10,000 + Students enrolled
⦿ Created by certified technical analyst

Experience Online Flexibility

Our Technical analysis is imperative module for stock traders. The course module not only intends to prepare students for NSE examination – NCFM series. Benefit investors to make a financially sound investment decision. Technical analysis is a term used to define the process to predict market price movements on scope and demand & supply of the market. Importantly, is a skill set for day traders to risk management!.

Our online program in technical analysis is 12 hours of content divided into 24 live session video. Moreover, the detailed program is filled with the flexibility of learning from anywhere anytime.

Technical analysis

Technical analysis is a simple mechanism to money-making technique. Majority of people trade stocks through referrals, thereby, making uninformed decisions. As a results lose money in trades. Nevertheless, practising trading without formal knowledge is gambling.

Technical analysis offer tools required to successfully transverse gap. Given the volatile nature of the securities market in traditional times. Thereby, it is imperative to be equipped in every possible tool available to invest and trade successfully. If understood well, allow one to be to sustain in all king of trading range and trending market.

Three Unique Approach to Learn Technical Analysis

Technical analysis can be learned in three ways. Particularly, beginners, advanced, and trading model on Intraday Trading (Day Trading)

Basic Technical Analysis course for Beginners

Technical analysis for beginner’s courses covers everything from the study of graph, paper trading, backtesting, to technical indicators. Beginners guide to basics of technical analysis coherent fundamental concepts. Additionally, learn technical chart analysis, trends, and signals to drive the behaviour of price.  Therefore, help traders to make informed investment decisions to set optimal price targets.

Advanced Technical Analysis for Professionals Traders

Technical analysis course for professional traders features advanced learning. Subsequently, the course helps trainers and smart investors to navigate the gap between market price and intrinsic value by leveraging specific trading techniques. For instance trade entry, index futures, and trading software.

Students will learn the technical analysis of stocks in the form of art of working in Intraday and Positional Trades, variety of techniques for understanding the market behaviour and psychology of a normal Investor/Trader and how the stock markets react to this, with the help of charts.

Best Trading Model on Intraday Trading

Technical analysis trading model discuss methodology for forecasting the direction of price chart on Intraday and Positional Trades. Additionally, learn a variety of techniques for understanding market psychology of smart investors. In addition to how the stock market responds including live trading example.


What Will You Get?

Recorded Video:     24 Videos of Live sessions
Total Video Time:     12 Hours Video Course Content
Language:      Hindi
Ebook PDF Form:    E-Book in PDF 
Certification:      Yes (By IFMC After Completing The Course)
Mock Paper:      6 Mock Paper - (208 Questions)
Faculty:      Mr Puneet Grover (NCFM, NISM Certified Technical Research Analyst)

One Doubt Session On Each Module * - ( Time Slot Will Be Given As Per Faculty Availability)



⦿ Students enrolling for online share market technical analysis course will be given Certification from IFMC Institute.
⦿ Essential NSE certified technical analysis course module is facilitated by senior research analyst.
⦿ Learn simplified techniques to trade in Intraday, Swing Trade, Momentum Trade, and Futures & Options.
⦿ Study based on logical and mathematical formulas.
⦿ Flexible strategies for traders, brokers, fund managers, and portfolio managers.
⦿ Master essential tools like candles charts, bars charts, line charts, oscillators etc.
⦿ Understand strategies for Fibonacci sequence, forex, stock trading, options trading, and candlestick pattern.
⦿ Master classic chart patterns in a symmetrical triangle, descending triangle, patterns double top, double bottom, triple candlestick pattern, an inverse head and shoulders.
⦿ Learn technical analysis GAP Theory, Dow Theory, moving average, and evening star.


Job Opportunities

After completing this course students can apply for different career avenues like independent research house, advisor, pro trading, institutional broking, retail broking, mutual funds, hedge funds, portfolio managers, and more.

Course Fee

Rs 4500/-  ( Inclusive of GST)

Course validity

6 months

Technical Analysis Course Outline

Video 1 

■ Basic of Trading Concepts
■ Demand & Supply
■ Difference between Technical analysis & Fundamental analysis
■ Importance of Technical Analysis

Video 2 

■ Understanding Trading through Dow Theory
■ Why “ Trend is called your Friend”
■ Understanding meaning of Long Term , Medium Term , Short Term , through Live Market Examples.

Video 3

■ Usage of
■ Trend lines on different time intervals.

Video 4

■ How to find Demand & supply from Trend Line
■ Theory of M&N on monthly , weekly , daily and yearly basis
■ How to make Bullish & Bearish view

Video 5

■ Candle Stick Study
■ Candle Stick Patterns
■ Single Candle Pattern
■ Doji
■ Hanging Man

Video 6

■ Single candle pattern (Cont)
■ Hammer
■ Shooting star
■ Moru Bozu

Video 7

■ 2 Candle pattern
■ Engulfing pattern
■ Bullish engulfing
■ Bearish engulfing

Video 8

■ 2 Candle pattern and
■ 3 Candle pattern
■ Harami pattern
■ Dark cloud cover
■ Piercing pattern
■ 3 white candles
■ Morning star
■ Evening star
■ 3 Black crows

Video 9

■ Support & resistance

Video 10

■ Support & Resistance
■ Live market Practicals

Video 11

■ Understanding Pivot Point Calculator

Video 12

■ Live Market Practicals on Pivot Point Calculator

Video 13

■ Pattern study
■ Break outs
■ Bearish channel
■ Bullish channel
■ Double Top Reversal
■ Head and Shoulders
■ Rounding Bottom
■ Cup with Handle pattern

Video 14

■ Pattern study continued
■ Flag
■ Vomiting camel pattern

Video 15

■ Gap & Gap Analysis
■ Break away Gaps
■ Runaway Gaps
■ Exhaustion Gaps
■ Island cluster
■ & live Market practicals

Video 16

■ Oscillators & Indicators
■ Moving Average

Video 17

■ What is MACD

Video 18

■ Live market practicals on
■ Practical SAR
■ Accumulation Distribution

Video 19

■ Bollinger Band
■ Commodity Channel Index
■ Ichimoku

Video 20

■ Money flow Index
■ Live Market Practicals

Video 21

■ Stochastic
■ William %R
■ On balance volume

Video 22

■ What is Leonardo Fibonacci Numbers

Video 23

■ Practicals live Market on Eliot Wave & Fibonacci Retracement

Video 24

■ Criticism of Technical Analysis
■ Conclusion of Technical Analysis
■ Charts are Mirror of Market
■ Recap of Technical analysis course

Applicability of Indicators or tools in Live Market.

Technical Analysis Course Online for

⦿ Stock Market Beginners
⦿ Investors
⦿ Traders
⦿ Relationship Managers
⦿ Dealers
⦿ People Working with Financial industry
⦿ Technical Analyst
⦿ Fundamental Analyst

Course Requirements

PC, Laptop, I-pad, Tab, Mobile, with 4G internet

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

IFMC Technical Analysis


By IFMC® Institute
4500/-       ( Inclusive of GST)
  • Duration : - 6 Month
  • Language : - Hindi   
  • Certification : - Yes 

About Course

Technical Analysis trading courses focus on learning trading patterns, trading psychology, trading tactics, and money making techniques. This is perfect blend of theoretical knowledge & practical expertise. Learn the art and science of trading with the help of extensive technical analysis of stocks and financial charts. Learn techniques to risk as well as money management those are proven to 90% success in financial markets.

The course aims to create smart trader who can predict price movement of stock / commodity. Thus, can define stop loss, risk reward ratio, day trading techniques, positional trading, etc.

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