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Currency Market Course

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Currency Market Course-IFMC Institute


Currency Market Course Certification is the most important part of Stock Market , however it is least tapped market . Currency Market is world’s largest market , but in India people do not understand it much as compared to Equity and Commodity market.


Currency Market Course


Currency Market Certification Course is the most important part of the Stock Market, however, it is least tapped. Currency Market is world’s largest market, but in India people do not understand it much as compared to Equity and Commodity market.
Let’s learn how world market affects currency and view Currency affects the world market.
This topic is important from examination point of view also. Knowledge of Currency is now being most sought after.


What Will You Get?

Recorded Video:      12 Videos
Total Video Time:      5.5 Hours approx
Language:       Hindi
Ebook PDF Form:      E-Book in PDF
Certification:       Yes (By IFMC After Completing The Course)
Mock Papers:       11 Mock Paper - (519 Questions)
Faculty:       Sr Faculty Mr. Puneet Grover

One Doubt Session On Each Module * - ( Time Slot Will Be Given As Per Faculty Availability)


Job Opportunities

Some of the common job opportunities in the currency market are money management, insurance, and financial planning.

Course Fee

Rs 3000/-  ( Inclusive of GST)

Course validity

6 months

Lecture 1
■ History of Currency Exchange
■ What is Forex Market
■ What are Major Currencies

Lecture 2
■ Cross Rate
■ Impact of Market Economics

Lecture 3
■ Currency Derivatives
■ Options

Lecture 4
■ Exchange Traded Currency Futures
■ Advantages of Currency Futures

Lectures 5
■ Strategies on Currency Futures

Lecture 6
■ Trading Currency Futures

Lecture 7
■ Trading Currency Futures (part 2)

Lecture 8
■ Clearing Corporations

Lecture 9
■ Survillence System of Exchange
■ Risk Management

Lecture 10
■ Accounting and Taxation
■ Questions Answer

Lecture 11
■ Code of conduct and Investor Protection

Lecture 12
■ Live Trading Practical’s on Currency Market

⦿ Stock Market Beginners
⦿ Investors
⦿ Traders
⦿ Relationship Managers
⦿ Dealers
⦿ People Working with Financial industry
⦿ Technical Analyst
⦿ Fundamental Analyst

Course Requirements

PC, Laptop, I-pad, Tab, Mobile, with 4G internet

Currency Market Course

Market Course

Currency Market Course

Market Course

By IFMC® Institute
3000/-       ( Inclusive of GST)
  • Duration : - 6 Month
  • Language : - Hindi   
  • Certification : - Yes 

About Course

Currency Derivative being a completely different market requires complete and extensive understanding .

In the global scenario , Currency Market is the world’s biggest market , however in India . It is least understood as compared to Capital and Commodity Market . In time to come we see a lot of development in Currency Market.

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