WD Gann Trading Theory

Learn the Art of WD Gann Trading Theory

WD Gann Trading Theory

WD Gann (Willam Delbert Gann), formulated promising tools and techniques for making profits in stock trading. This online course on WD Gann reveals - how to make good returns on the stock exchange. We’ve covered the theories, practicals, and Gann approach to make money with high probability through share trading.

Willam Delbert is a renowned Wall Street finance trader. In 1908, he discovered a popular ‘market time factor’ theory based on three parameters which study the factors of price, time, and pattern. These factors are further elevated in terms of short-term, long-term, mid-term etc.

He also taught Gann angles to study different dimensions of support and resistance in conjunction with other technical analysis tools.

He believed that using this theory, anyone can predict future price movements. The technique is relatively easy to understand but difficult to apply. An average trader is not likely to earn similar profits by using this theory without any knowledge. This is why the IFMC team launched this new online stock trading course in WD GANN theory online for traders/investors who want to master profit-making techniques of WD Gann.


  • Learn basic application of WD Gann theory
  • Important rules, tools, and concepts of WD Gann theory.
  • Techniques to use WD Gann theory to predict the time and price of stocks and commodities


  • Explained in easy language for traders to use it for making higher profits
  • Covers both theoretical and practical knowledge
  • 100% Practical training in live intraday trading

What Will You Get?

Recorded Video:   14 videos
Total Video Time:    5.05 Hours approx
Language:    Hindi
Books:    No
Faculty:    Mr. Puneet Grover

One Doubt Session On Each Module * - ( Time Slot Will Be Given As Per Faculty Availability)


Job Opportunity
This course is for anyone who wants to learn intraday trading advanced concepts. After completing this course traders and investors chances to apply for the senior job profile as Equity Dealer, Financial Planner, and Wealth Manager in Banking / Finance Sector, Research House, Insurance Company, Brokerage Firms, KPOs, TPOs, Stock Consultant Firms.

Course Fee
Rs 3300/-  ( Inclusive of GST)

Course Validity
6 months

Module 1

  • Introduction to WD Gann Therapy

Module 2

  • Gann Trading Rules

Module 3

  • Swing high/swing low
  • Square box in short-term

Module 4

  • What is Gann Intraday Reversal in Short term?

Module 5

  • Diagonal cross and cardinal cross

Module 6

  • Example on how to predict stock price in intraday trading
  • How to get resistance & Support Prices

Module 7

  • Retracement Levels

Module 8

  • Square of 9 in short term+midterm+long term

Module 9

  • Gann angle in mid term

Module 10

  • Seasonal Cycle in long term

Module 11

  • What is the Gann arc?

Module 12

  • Gann squaring time & price Part 1

Module 13

  • Gann squaring time & price Part 2

Module 14

  • Excel Prepration

It is important for a trader to adapt to modern trading tools and techniques. This not only keeps you updated but also helps to maximize profit earning in the securities market. If you are an investor or traders who want to explore the secret to increase earning higher profits probability in the market then this is the course for you.

Q1. What is W.D. Gann Trading Theory Course?

Gann Theory or the Gann Angles is a particular type of method used by traders to predict pattern and price changes in the stock market. The theory was defined by the American market theorist and trader William Delbert Gann in 1935. It describes the past, present, and future outcomes of the market in the Gann Angles. Further, the Gann theory predicts the past value developments based on the progression of angles.

It indicates the past, present, and future characteristics of the stock price. In which, the angles are drawn at different price levels. Its estimation is based on the interfacing of these price levels. In other words, these geometric angles lie between time (hour, day, and week) vs. stock price graph. As per Gann Theorem, these angles behave differently, so one can easily predict the price action based on its angles.

Q 2. How W.D. Gann Trading Theory helps to make profits?

Gann Theory based on the prophecy of price movements on three properties-

  • Profit, range, and time are the three main factors to consider.
  • The stock market is periodic in nature.
  • The stock market is graphical in design as well as in function.

Based on these three premises Gann’s strategies centered on three predictions- price, time, and pattern study. The analyst can make profit by using the fundamental principle of the Gann Angles.

  • Determine Time Units: The standard way to learn the time unit is by analyzing the stock’s chart and noting the distances where price movement takes place. Then draw angles there to get more accurate data.
  • Learn about high or low movements: This method is based on price swings or vibrations in the stock price. It can be determined by using the Fibonacci method.

Q 3. What is the benefit of W.D. Gann Trading Theory?

By using the Gann Angle while trading, one can predict future outcomes of the financial market. Further, the analyst can quickly read the movement of the market using this framework. If the analyst considers this framework, then the benefit of drawing the Gann angles is that it proceeds with a uniform rate of speed. It allows the trader to predict the price movement in the future aspect. It is the best strategy to learn if you want to make a career as a stock broker.

However, the Gann angle will not always predict where the stock market will lie soon. But, this will help the analyst to predict the strength and direction of the stock or trend. Further, the Gann angles focused continuously on the past, present, and future approach of the capital, this helped to forecast resistance, support, and strength of direction of tops and bottoms with time. 

WD Gann
Trading Theory

WD Gann
Trading Theory

By IFMC® Institute
3300/-       ( Inclusive of GST)
  • Duration : - 6 Month
  • Language : - Hindi   

About Course

WD Gann was a famous finance trader – born in Texas. He introduced different technical analysis methods like Gann angle, master charts, spiral charts, hexagon charts, and more. His market forecast studies on Geometry, Astronomy, Astrology and other ancient medications. In this course, we will cover all of this topic in a simple way and how traders can apply them with live trading examples.

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