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Prepare for Investment Advisor Level-1 Series X-A NISM Exam

Investment Advisor Level 1 Course Online ifmc institute

Become a Smart Investment Advisor

Allocating finances in expectation of some benefit in the future is an art. It requires a deep knowledge of diverse investment options available. Besides, you need to master the skills to allocate money into investment schemes that are profitable.

Due to the need for precision investing skills and discipline required to do the job, the Securities Board Exchange India (SEBI) mandated for students to qualify the NISM Investment Advisor Exam. The exam is regulated by BSE to fulfil the minimum requirement given under SEBI regulation act.
The exam works as a minimum benchmark for students who want to work as an investment / financial advisor in the Indian Stock Exchange.

Our Online Investment Advisor Course NISM Level 1 Series is an attempt to prepare students seeking to appear for this exam. This course covers basic knowledge in investment advisor, process, procedure, and investing regulation.


  1. Learn basic terms of investment and financial planning.
  2. Get acquainted with making a financial investment plan.
  3. Determine different investment products and how to recommend the client on the basis of investment, risk, liquidity, liability, returns.
  4. Learn investment strategies in a personal finance environment.
  5. Gain knowledge of legal compliance to invest; income tax, wealth tax, estate planning, market regulation.
  6. Identify market investment opportunities in real estate, stocks, debentures, retirement planning, insurance, EPSS, mutual funds etc.
  7. Master important skills in portfolio management and money management.


  1. Complete training covering major topics in a simple way.
  2. Both theoretical and practical training from the certified stock market expert
  3. Learn anywhere and anytime from the comfort of your home
  4. Live market examples
  5. Knowledge and experience stock market trainer
  6. 24* 7 access
  7. Excellent Support
  8. Extensive Case Study
  9. Tips on how to qualify the exam
  10. Practical skills to land a job in investment banking

What Will You Get?

Recorded Video:    36 videos
Total Video Time:    12 Hours approx
Language:    Hindi
Books:    E-Book in PDF (On Demand)
Faculty:    Mr. Puneet Grover

One Doubt Session On Each Module * - ( Time Slot Will Be Given As Per Faculty Availability)


Job Opportunity
An investment advisor is a professional who works independently or employed with a firm with a financial department. The investment advisor job profile includes offering guidance to clients about making investing and money decisions. Good financial advisors are qualified to work in banks, mutual funds, broking firms, investment banking companies, corporate horses, KPOs, TPOs etc.

Additional qualification of MBA, CFP, CFA designation can boost your knowledge and qualification to work with brands like Morgan Stanely. A list of professions who may qualify under this job are accountants, attorney, bankers, broker, equity dealer, sub-broker, wealth managers, portfolio managers, and publishers.

Course Fee
Rs 4500/-  ( Inclusive of GST)

Course Validity
6 months

Module 1

  • Introduction to an investment advisor

Module 2

  • Overview of the financial market Part 1

Module 3 

  • Overview of the financial market Part 2

Module 4

  • What is the securities market? Part 1

Module 5

  • What is the securities market? Part 2

Module 6

  • What is a Mutual Fund? Part 1

Module 7

  • What is a Mutual Fund? Part 2

Module 8

  • What is a Mutual Fund? Part 3

Module 9

  • What is a Mutual Fund? Part 4

Module 10

  • What is a Mutual Fund? Part 5

Module 11

  • What is a Mutual Fund? Part 6

Module 12

  • What is a Mutual Fund? Part 7

Module 13

  • What is a Mutual Fund? Part 8
  • What are the different types of investment options?
  • Equity Funds
  • Sectoral Funds
  • Theme Funds
  • ELSS
  • Short Term Debit Funds
  • Guild Funds
  • FMP Funds

Module 14

  • What is Investment Products
  • Different types of Investment Products
  • Asset Allocation
  • Small Saving Investment
  • PPF
  • NSC
  • SCSS
  • Post Office Scheme
  • KVP
  • Sukanya Samriddhi Account

Module 15

  • Types of Investment Schemes
  • Sovereign Gold Bonds Scheme
  • Gold Monetisation Scheme
  • Govt Securities Bond
  • Derivative
  • Option
  • Real Estate
  • ETF

Module 16

  • Investment Risk Management

Module 17

  • Measuring Investment Returns part-1

Module 18

  • Managing Investment Returns part-2
  • Concept of Compounding

Module 19

  • Managing Investment Returns part-3
  • What is the XIRR Function in Excel?

Module 20

  • Concept of Financial Planning Part-1

Module 21

  • Concept of Financial Planning Part-2

Module 22

  • Concept of Financial Planning Part-3

Module 23

  • Concept of Financial Planning Part-4
  • Risk Profitability

Module 24

  • Asset Allocation and in Strategies

Module 25

  • Insurance Planning part-1

Module 26

  • Insurance Planning part-2

Module 27

  • Insurance Planning part-3

Module 28

  • Retirement Planning part-1

Module 29

  • Retirement Planning part-2

Module 30

  • Tax & Estate Planning part-1

Module 31

  • Tax & Estate Planning part-2

Module 32

  • Tax & Estate Planning part-3

Module 33

  • Tax & Estate Planning part-4

Module 34

  • Tax & Estate Planning part-5

Module 35

  • Regulation of an Investment Advisor part-1

Module 36

  • Regulation of an Investment Advisor part-2
  • Investment adviser and their associates, representatives or partners
  • Students seeking a job as an investment advisor, financial planner, mutual fund advisory, wealth manager, fund manager
  • Working professionals who want to learn different types of investment options
  • Housewives and retired officers who want to learn how to invest and grow their money

Q 1. Who can take an online investment advisory course?

Anyone who is preparing for NISM Level 1 SEBI certification investment advisor exam must enrol for this course. The course aims to prepare students to qualify for the exam and obtain jobs in the securities market.

Q 2. What is the purpose of the investment advisory course?

IFMC is the biggest stock market training institute in India. We launched  this course to help students preparing for Investment Adviser Level 1 NISM examination certification conducted by SEBI. This course covers important topics of investment products in India. We will also study investment options like stocks, mutual funds, bonds, commodities, insurance, and fixed deposits.

Q 3. How much an investment advisor earns?

The basic investment advisor salary is Rs. 3.5 lacs per annum at an executive level. After gaining experience you may earn an average compensation of Rs. 6 to 12 lacs per annum.

Q 4. Why should I enrol for IFMC online investment advisor course?

IFMC is a certified share training institute. We are committed to mentor students in a simplistic way preparing for the SEBI exam and getting NISM certification. Our team follows a standard curriculum to make students industry-ready. We have a team of experienced stock analysts to train students seeking a job in broking houses or research firms.

Investment Advisor
Level 1 Course

Investment Advisor
Level 1 Course

By IFMC® Institute
4500/-       ( Inclusive of GST)
  • Duration : - 6 Month
  • Language : - Hindi   

About Course

If you want to give advisory related to investment, then according to the guidelines of SEBI, it is mandatory to give this exam. After doing this course, you will gain knowledge of income tax planning, wealth tax planning, estate planning, insurance planning, retirement planning, mutual funds and equities planning. This course is for associated persons for giving or advising anyone in regard to any investment, reactions, strategies in personal finance or any potential investor in the market.

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