Online Course in Financial Modeling in Excel

How to Use and Build a Financial Model in Excel?

Financial Modeling Online Course

Learn how to strategically use excel for financial Modeling that helps to determine company valuation.

Excel is a popular spreadsheet program by Microsoft Office. This computer program developed years ago now has become a popular tool in every sector, including the financial market. Excel spreadsheet is widely utilized by investors (or analysts) to evaluate and interpret a company’s financial valuation. This process is known as financial Modeling.

Major businesses uses excel models to determine the resources that drive profitable future. But in order to make most of it, you must know how to use financial Modeling in excel. This course in financial Modeling in excel will give you an introduction to the basics of excel tools & formulas to harness the power of company data to project future value.


Financial Modeling is an important aspect of company analysis. It is a process of projecting a set of company financial data by performing calculations. Analysts use the figures to evaluate company growth. IFMC Institute recently launched an online course in financial Modeling in excel is a short-term video tutorial program.

Online financial Modeling in excel course is a detailed program designed to help analysts upgrade their skills in financial analysis. The aim of this course is to use a variety of company data like balance sheet, profit and loss, and income statement to create an abstract representation in an excel spreadsheet in order to forecast intrinsic value. The benefit of financial Modeling course is that helps in

  • Strategic planning in financial goals
  • Establish an action plan
  • Preventing financial losses
  • Calculate cost of new projects
  • Decide on budgets
  • Corporate resources allocation
  • Risk management
  • Money assessment
  • Consistent ROI


The goal of the financial Modeling training course in excel is to help students to:

  • Understanding types of financial statement
  • Introduction and techniques to data gathering
  • Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  • Deploy business model to a company planning in profits, credit, liquidity and other metrics
  • Valuation of financial instruments
  • Determine company future profit and its representation on graph
  • Learn techniques and tools to build a complete financial model in excel
  • Validate the balance sheet and cash flow statement
  • Building company projection
  • Interactive calculation and peers comparison


  • Study at self-pace from the comfort of the home
  • Well-designed and explained in easy-to-understand language for a common man
  • Detailed explanation and comprehend practical training
  • Use of live market examples and focus on popular case studies
  • Give you the confidence to develop a strategic business plan
  • Become familiar with advance features of excels
  • Be able to build profit and loss statement from raw business data
  • Create a profitable cash flow statement
  • Know how to evaluate company value
  • Access to 24*7 course content

Job Opportunities

By having knowledge in building a financial model, you will open yourself up to a wide variety of career choices in Investment Banking, Equity Research, Fixed Income Research, Credit Rating and Risk Management. You can work as an equity research analyst, debt market advisory, investment banker, finance manager, research analyst, merger and acquisition manager, financial model managers, or financial consultant.

What Will You Get?

Recorded Video:    13 videos
Total Video Time:    6 Hours approx
Language:    Hindi
Books:    No
Faculty:    Mr. Puneet Grover

One Doubt Session On Each Module * - ( Time Slot Will Be Given As Per Faculty Availability)


Course Fee
Rs 2700/-  ( Inclusive of GST)

Course Validity
6 months

Module 1

  • Introduction to Financial Modeling and Basics of Excel (Part-1)

Module 2

  • Basics of Excel (Part 2) Freezing of Calls Revenue and Cost Sheet

Module 3

  • Some more Methods of Excel If - Conditions in Excel Revenue Growth Matrix

Module 4

  • Some more Methods of Excel V Look UP, Data Filter, Pivot Table

Module 5

  • Time Value of Money

Module 6

  • Sample Business Model (Part-1) - Preparing P&L and Debt Schedule

Module 7

  • Simple Business Model (Part-2) - Preparing Balance Sheet

Module 8

  • Data from Screener - Company Data Gathering

Module 9

  • Vertical Analysis of the Company or Horizontal Analysis of the Company

Module 10

  • Ratio Analysis Using Excel (Part-1)

Module 11

  • Ratio Analysis Using Excel (Part-2)

Module 12

  • Interactive Calculation on Future Projection BETA, WACC

Module 13

  • Intrinsic Value, Presentation and Graphs
  1. Financial Modeling in excel is a detailed course for students who aspire to become an investment banker, market analyst, or financial advisors.
  2. Business and finance advisors eager to improve business decisions.
  3. Insurance agents, mutual fund advisor, hedge funder, arbitrage trades who want to master financial Modeling skills.
  4. Marketing and MBA students who want to upgrade financial business Modeling skills.

Q 1. What is Financial Modeling?

Financial modeling is a crucial valuation tool. The technique teaches to work with company’s historical data and analyse performance on relevant financial parameters.This analysis is then used to give us an estimate of the valuation of companies/projects. Such research analysis is used in the areas of investment banking / equity research/financial KPOs that are assisting investment bankers / equity research firms, financial advisory firms, project finance

Q 2.What are the Different Application for Financial Modeling?

  • Equity research
  • Investment banking
  • Project finance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Financial analysis
  • Credit rating

Q 3. Why Should I Take a Course in Financial Modeling in Excel?

If you need to review, validate or build financial business plans, then this course will help you. Typically, this course benefits analysts, advisors, mangers, CFAs, MBA, associate directors, finance specialists, CFOs etc working in investment banks, private equity, stock market, financial market, and infrastructure funds. The benefit of this course from IFMC Institute is:

  • Hand on practical training in finance analysis
  • Affordable and easy to pay options
  • Learn anytime and anywhere
  • Easy instructor led video content
  • Real-life project finance and valuation models

Q 4. What is the Benefit to Enrol Financial Modeling in Excel Course?

Excel modeling skills have become an essential knowledge for financial analysts. In fact, anyone investment advisor looking to upgrade their career in the share market must join this course in financial Modeling in excel sheet. Today, Companies are increasingly looking for a skilled workforce who have the potential to use raw data and interpret it, make assumptions, forecast, analyze, and generate recommendations and insights effectively. Indeed, this type of analysis is misty associated with investment banking careers, it has widespread access domain as a baseline skill set for other job roles.

Q 5. Why Should I Learn Financial Modeling in Excel from IFMC Institute?

IFMC Institute is the biggest and best institute for financial market education. It is your gateway to a career in the financial sector. This course helps students in Excel Modeling for Analyzing, Valuing & Forecasting different companies. In addition to, prepare Financial Research snapshots and evaluate different sectors. IFMC is ranked top institute to learn financial modeling in excel online. We are the trusted brand in financial market education where we have trained over thousands of students across India and abroad.

Financial Modeling
Online Course

Financial Modeling
Online Course

By IFMC® Institute
2700/-       ( Inclusive of GST)
  • Duration : - 6 Month
  • Language : - Hindi   

About Course

If you are working as a financial analyst then financial modeling is a most demanded skill required to complete your job. This best financial Modeling in excel course makes you expert in predicting investment banking complex challenges. This course equips students through complete understanding of building models with tips and tricks, creating better formulas, and scenario planning.

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