WD Gann Trading Theory


Mr. Puneet Grover



Validity Period

6 Months


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Willam Delbert is a renowned Wall Street finance trader. In 1908, he discovered a popular ‘market time factor’ theory based on three parameters which study the factors of price, time, and pattern. These factors are further elevated in terms of short-term, long-term, mid-term etc.

He also taught Gann angles to study different dimensions of support and resistance in conjunction with other technical analysis tools.

He believed that using this theory, anyone can predict future price movements. The technique is relatively easy to understand but difficult to apply. An average trader is not likely to earn similar profits by using this theory without any knowledge. This is why the IFMC team launched this new online stock trading course in WD GANN theory online for traders/investors who want to master profit-making techniques of WD Gann.


  • Learn basic application of WD Gann theory
  • Important rules, tools, and concepts of WD Gann theory.
  • Techniques to use WD Gann theory to predict the time and price of stocks and commodities


  • Explained in easy language for traders to use it for making higher profits
  • Covers both theoretical and practical knowledge
  • 100% Practical training in live intraday trading

Mr. Puneet Grover



Validity Period

6 Months

Course Content

Module 1

  • Introduction to WD Gann Therapy

Module 2

  • Gann Trading Rules

Module 3

  • Swing high/swing low
  • Square box in short-term

Module 4

  • What is Gann Intraday Reversal in Short term?

Module 5

  • Diagonal cross and cardinal cross

Module 6

  • Example on how to predict stock price in intraday trading
  • How to get resistance & Support Prices

Module 7

  • Retracement Levels

Module 8

  • Square of 9 in short term+midterm+long term

Module 9

  • Gann angle in mid term

Module 10

  • Seasonal Cycle in long term

Module 11

  • What is the Gann arc?

Module 12

  • Gann squaring time & price Part 1

Module 13

  • Gann squaring time & price Part 2

Module 14

  • Excel Prepration

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