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Option Strategies Course By Manish Taneja

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Mr Manish Taneja (Research Analyst)

Validity Period

6 Months




  • USD: 43.24$

Option Strategy by MR MANISH TANEJA is an important which is of great interest to investor and trader, students. However understanding Option Strategy and faster applying it in the market , it requires a different approach. Teaching Technique and Methodology of Taneja sir , makes this topic even easier to understand. So let’s learn different strategies being used in the market.


Mr Manish Taneja (Research Analyst)

Validity Period

6 Months



Course Content

Video 1

Video 2
■ Understanding Call Options

Video 3
■ Buying Call Options

Video 4
■ Advantages & Disadvantages of Buying Options

Video 5
■ How to Trade in Falling Market

Video 6
■ Trading in Future and Options With the Help of UDTS

Video 7
■ Selling of Options
■ Option Writing

Video 8
■ Practical on Option Writing Pros & Cons of Option Writing

Video 9
■ Selling Put Option

Video 10
■ Why We Read Option Strategies

Video 11
■ Long Call
■ Stort Call
■ Long Put

Video 12
■ Two Leg Strategies
■ Covered Put

Video 13
■ Long Straddle
■ Short Straddle

Video 14
■ Covered Call
■ Bull Call Spread

Video 15
■ Bull Put Spread

Video 16
■ Bear Call Spread

Video 17
■ Bear Put Spread

Video 18
■ Covered Call Strategy

Video 19
■ Long Combo Strategy

Video 20
■ Butterfly Option Strategy

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102 reviews for Option Strategies Course By Manish Taneja

  1. Lukas Kispotta (verified owner)

    Sir options courses is too old. Needed something on banknifty it doesn’t have that for intraday trading.. didn’t like course at all

  2. Shiv Kumar

  3. Nitesh Kumar (verified owner)

    A thorough, well-spoken, and knowledge-based course to learn options trading.

  4. kay

    This course is educational and very easily taught by the instructor. I am going to implement it in my opinion trading strategy.

  5. Shivani B

    The course taught me the strategies required for options trading.

  6. amit

    This course is fully equipped with what I was looking for. It’s an amazing learning journey.

  7. Santosh (verified owner)

    The knowledge I have received from this course is completely practical and can’t wait to convert it into real trading.

  8. shahidbhai (verified owner)

    The course made me understand what is going in the marketing and investment world and taught me realistic options trading strategies

  9. Sumeet (verified owner)

    This course set a foundation for me to go to the next level in this big ocean of the trading world.

  10. Sanjeev (verified owner)

    Being new to options trading, I thoroughly enjoyed this concept and tried to grasp it as much as I can. The course gives u tremendous knowledge and information about Options trading.

  11. KRISHNA K (verified owner)

    The course made me learn various techniques and ways of options trading and this really helped me to earn high profits with minimum loss.

  12. Harvinder (verified owner)

    This 10-hour video tutorial course is amazing and fulfills all your expectations.

  13. susan (verified owner)

    I learned many tricks to predict options movement through this great course by IFMC. It’s an amazing learning session with a tutor.

  14. Chetankumar

    I joined this course as a beginner with no knowledge of this subject. This course by Mr. Manish Tanesha made me learn many concepts and techniques through easy tricks.

  15. SACHIN

    This course has helped me to get a steady income every month.

  16. punit

    As the world says, options trading is a very complex subject but when I attended this course I found it easy and interesting to learn and understand.

  17. ck

    The course is designed to explain many complex concepts in a very simple way. That made me like it and get interested in it.

  18. ketan

    This course absolutely helps you to master the options trading field and gives you hands-on experience to start your trading journey.

  19. ANIL KUMAR (verified owner)

    It is the best course I have found online with thorough detailing and easy teaching.

  20. PRADIP

    It is the most amazing course available online to learn Options trading in the most effective way.

  21. Akash (verified owner)

    Options trading is one of the best ways to generate extra income and this course has made me learn all the required strategies I need to know.

  22. sneha (verified owner)

    This course is properly designed for beginners and really has the potential knowledge and information that helped me a lot.

  23. Bhanu

    It takes you through all the useful options trading strategies and techniques used behind those strategies. This helps in understanding the way options trading works.

  24. Kartikey

    Options Trading is simple but one should know the right way to do it. This course really helped me to set the right mindset to do the options trading.

  25. Rufus (verified owner)

    It is an awesome course to learn which strategy to use when and how to trade in the falling stock market efficiently and quickly.

  26. DHAWAL (verified owner)

    The course offered various practical tips on how to trade in options with live examples.

  27. Maruti (verified owner)

    The course gives detailed knowledge about various topics of options trading such as types of options, call options, options basis, and options writing.

  28. Shekhar (verified owner)

    Gained thorough knowledge of fundamentals of options trading

  29. nitin (verified owner)

    Learned how to effectively trade short calls and put verticals through easy techniques by the tutor.

  30. Upendra Singh (verified owner)

    As a beginner, I think the course offers a thorough knowledge of various topics in the easiest way.

  31. Abhishek (verified owner)

    I joined this course to become a pro at Options trading and today I can trade efficiently and earn a good amount from options trading every month.

  32. AMISH (verified owner)

    The teaching technique of the Options trading course is quite simple and they have divided it into many short videos for fast and effective learning.

  33. RANJAN (verified owner)

    This is an incredible course available online that enriches you with the required knowledge on Options trading.

  34. ranjan

    This course can do wonders for a regular trader and help you achieve the best of the trading world.

  35. Sahebrao

    The course is designed in simple language and covers step-by-step tutorials on how to select the right options trading strategy to increase profits.

  36. Lokesh (verified owner)

    The course helped me to manage my risks and earn more money than ever.

  37. Madhavi (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the strategies taught in this course.

  38. Adit (verified owner)

    This course is simply splendid for all trading enthusiasts who wish to gain higher profits with minimum loss.

  39. kalpesh

    This course specifically focuses on practical-based strategies and offers you thorough knowledge on how to do options trading.

  40. RITESH (verified owner)

    I loved this course for its simplicity and thorough knowledge-based learning. The tutor made it easier to understand with the simple language he used.

  41. Arun Kumar (verified owner)

    The course really gave me clarity on various useful strategies to become a successful trader.

  42. virendrasinh (verified owner)

    A well-articulated and detailed course about Options trading.

  43. avneesh (verified owner)

    The course helped me know where and how I can start Options trading by adopting simple strategies.

  44. Diwakar (verified owner)

    The course thoroughly explains the fundamentals of options trading and how it works in the stock market.

  45. digvijay (verified owner)

    The most amazing thing about this course is that it was focused on the important factors of Options trading that every trader should know to do well in the stock market.

  46. MADHAV

    It made me learn and apply the knowledge in real life.

  47. Krishna

    The course offers you the real wealth of knowledge that helped me earn more than I expected from Options trading.

  48. Vipin (verified owner)

    The professor is rich in experience and has a thorough knowledge of the subject. I got all my doubts cleared in the doubt session.

  49. Mohit

    Each strategy was well explained and backed up by a real-life example.

  50. mkmithilesh

    The tutor explained each concept of the options trading in the simplest way.

  51. Dhruba (verified owner)

    I loved the syllabus of the course and was very happy with the learning.

  52. Shambhu Kumar (verified owner)

    I am really looking forward to converting the learning into real trading.

  53. HARSHA (verified owner)

    The course provides in-depth knowledge on how to set up conditions from various options strategies that really help you in real trading.

  54. Dharmendra

    I thoroughly enjoyed each part of this course and am going to use this knowledge to build my fate.

  55. Nitin (verified owner)

    I am really looking forward to doing many more such courses and learning more about options trading.

  56. anath (verified owner)

    The instructor made the concept of Options trading easy for me in a way to use it in everyday trading.

  57. Hanishmia

    An excellent course enriched with detailed information on how to apply various strategies and money management skills.

  58. Jiten (verified owner)

    The course has helped me learn many tactics and tips to do the options trading and it also provides confidence to do it.

  59. Dr amit (verified owner)

    The course is really built with many valuable and practical strategies that definitely help you to earn money from it.

  60. jojoelrasquinha (verified owner)

    I learned how to manage my money and risk evolved in trading.

  61. gayush

    I am a beginner and I tried these options trading with basic knowledge. And due to half-knowledge, I lost a lot of money in it and so I decided to do this course. I must say it is the best course to learn Options trading and it was a wonderful experience to learn how to manage my money.

  62. aditya

    Highly recommended course for every trader. I loved the section about risk management skills and looking forward to utilizing them in my trading.

  63. Debabrata (verified owner)

    The course is definitely a big plus for my trading career. It has made me learn many strategies I was unaware of.

  64. prashant

    The course has really done wonders for my trading career with its ultimate strategies and techniques. I 100% recommend it to everyone.

  65. Subramanyam

    This course has fully equipped me with the latest trading strategies required in today’s unpredictable market.

  66. chandany

    This course gave me all that was hoping to learn about options trading. It offers extensively detailed information backed up with practical implementation modules.

  67. CHIRANJEEV (verified owner)

    A lot of learning sessions and knowledge-based experience.

  68. siddiquirx

    I had zero knowledge about options trading before this course but now I can confidently do options trading and earn a profitable amount every month.

  69. niralaan

    This course provided me an excellent introduction and thorough learning about various strategies that can be useful for successful trading.

  70. Priyanshu (verified owner)

    It gave me useful insights into options trading.

  71. sundaram

    This course covers almost 70 % practical knowledge-based sessions and this is what makes it a more interesting and enriching experience.

  72. Sajal

    The interactive sessions helped me a lot in solving all my doubts and being on top.

  73. Jasbir (verified owner)

    The course also uses the latest trends in the market with the use of the right software, charts, and patterns.

  74. SHIVANSHU (verified owner)

    The options strategies taught in this course have helped me minimize my risk levels and increase profits.

  75. Heta (verified owner)

    The course offers 20 videos and each of the videos is filled with a rich knowledge of the subject.

  76. anirban

    The course provides genuine hands-on experience without any unrealistic hopes.

  77. Ashish (verified owner)

    Enjoyed this online course and learned amazing strategies.

  78. Raosaheb (verified owner)

    This course has wide-opened many opportunities in front of me in the trading world.

  79. Naveen (verified owner)

    With each strategy I learned in this course, I have started doing great in my trading career.

  80. RK

    I am completely satisfied with everything I have learned so far and really looking forward to learning more and becoming a successful trader.

  81. Mukesh

    I have enhanced my strategies and techniques to trade options with the help of this course. Really happy that I decided to enroll in this course.

  82. pavona

    The best course to learn strategies of Options trading online.

  83. SAMBHAV (verified owner)

    All the PDF books provided helped me as a ready guide whenever I got stuck or needed some clarification. The books made me remember the practical examples given in the course.

  84. Washim (verified owner)

    At this price, it is the excellent course

  85. Ravi (verified owner)

    I loved the practical learning sessions on how to use strategies while trading in the real stock market.

  86. Saurabh Raj

    The Fundamentals taught by the tutor were really amazing and helpful in everyday trading.

  87. balraj

    It was an interesting course and exactly focuses on the strategies and their use for trading in a simple way.

  88. Saptarshi (verified owner)

    The course provides overall information on options trading and how to do it.

  89. VENKATESWARLU (verified owner)

    The concepts about options trading are simplified and explained easily for beginners to understand quickly.

  90. suk (verified owner)

    The course is really helpful in bringing different strategies of options trading to our notice.

  91. Himanshu kumar (verified owner)

    A Great course that explains the strategies really well that one can use while trading.

  92. narendra

    The course taught everything I needed to know about Options trading. I am happy with it.

  93. ANUPAM

    The course is interesting and detail-oriented that covers all the basics. Full marks for the tutor and practical modules.

  94. abhay (verified owner)

    I am really glad that I chose this course. Now I can use the learning in real life and it’s showing positive results for me.

  95. RANJAN (verified owner)

    Everything taught in this course was understandable and aptly explained.

  96. raju

    I will give 5 stars to this amazing course as I learned so much more than I expected.

  97. TUSHAR (verified owner)

    This is the best course if you are a beginner and wish to start options trading. This course fills you with all the basic level knowledge on the subject.

  98. bedaprakash

    The language used is very easy and anyone can understand the strategies and concepts and it is simple to follow.

  99. boral

    The course is superb and offers many tips and techniques on various strategies.

  100. MAHESH (verified owner)

    The course made me realize that I was doing everything wrong all these days and that’s why I’m not gaining any profits. It really helped me clear all my doubts and do the right things.

  101. Mangilal

    It is an awesome course with treasured content & practical modules. Even though I know very little about this topic, it made me understand the complex concepts in a very simple way.

  102. Subhrajit

    I am really happy that today I’m able to do Options trading and it is all possible through this amazing course I did. 10/10 points for this course.

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