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Mr. Puneet Grover



Validity Period

6 Months


Algorithmic Trading Course

Online Algo Trading course is a comprehensive training program in algorithmic trading. It is a short-term course for beginners who want to learn how to create algorithmic trading strategies without programming knowledge in the live market. In this course, you’ll learn various practical ways to create a back-testing system for trading strategies in the live market. It is the best course for intraday traders, day traders, and positional traders who want to execute multiple traders at the same time using the software.


Technology evolution is no exception in the stock market. It has become a necessity for a trader to learn the multidimensional approach to stock trading. Algorithmic trading (or Algo Trading) is a process to automate trading strategies in software. It allows traders to set instructors into an in-built software that automatically executes trade orders. The base of the instructions depends on distinct variables like price, quantity, timing, and other metrics. The benefits of Algo trading include:

  • A systematic method of trading
  • Free from human errors
  • Reduction in transaction costs
  • Enables back-testing using real-time and historical data
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple metrics
  • Reduction in errors because of emotional and psychological effects


  • Understand the basics of Algo trading and its future application
  • Get acquaintance with advantages and drawbacks of algorithmic trading
  • Explore different Algo trading methodologies
  • Learn practical methods to create trading strategies in Algo software
  • Learn how to use the best software for algorithm trading in India
  • Understand how to create a program and execute orders in different market traders
  • Learn how to create different trading strategies
  • Understand Risk Management in Algorithmic Trading.
  • Master Algorithmic Trading and its Audit and Compliance Process.
  • Become independent in using excel sheet for system trading.


  1. Industry drive detailed curriculum
  2. Easy to understand the language from industry experts
  3. 24*7 access to videos lectures
  4. Comprehensive theoretical knowledge
  5. Practical training in live trading software

Job Opportunities

After completing the online Algo Trading course investors and traders can grow their career in algorithmic trading and quantitative trading as a financial planner, wealth manager, risk management, portfolio manager, etc.


Mr. Puneet Grover



Validity Period

6 Months

Course Content

Module 1

  • Introduction of Algo Trading

Module 2

  • Time Price and Other Condition Order

Module 3

  • Time Weighted Price Volume Weighted Average Price Percentage Volume

Module 4

  • Software Types 2 Leg, 3 Leg, and 4 Leg Strategy

Module 5

  • Option Chain Understanding of VIX, Event and Expiry Trading

Module 6

  • Two Legged Strategy Practical in Excel

Module 7

  • Butterfly Strategy in Excel Bull Call and Bear Call

Module 8

  • Long Bok Short Box

Module 9

  • Conversion and Reversal Strategy Iron Condor Ratio Spread

Module 10

  • Credit Spread Gut Strategy Jelly Ratio Calander Spread

Module 11

  • Cash to Future Strategy

Module 12

  • Pairs Trading

Module 13

  • SCA Bull Strategy Christmas Tree

Module 14

  • Other Algo Strategy

Module 15


Module 16

  • Symphony, Tradingview, Amibroker Software Based Strategy

Module 17

  • Algo Trading System Coloration Technology

Module 18

  • Risk Management in Algo Trading

Module 19

  • Live Algo Trading Practical with Various Software

Module 20

  • Live Practical

Module 21

  • Other Algo Trading Strategy

Module 22

  • Live market practicals

Module 23

  • Live market practicals

Module 24

  • Live Practical for Four Let Strategy

Module 25

  • Live Practical for Butterfly Strategy

Module 26

  • Algo Setup Using Amibroker and Algomojo

How To Use

How to register:

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  10. Select the course and click on ‘View Course’
  11. Select the topic and click on the video to view the course


  • All online courses are pre-recorded video session.
  • Once you enrol in a course, you’ll have access until the validity and you can watch as many time you want in that validity period.

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